_…as we landed safely in Nigeria_

*Glory be to ALLAH* for counting me worthy to be among the *Successful Ones* that performed this year’s *HAJJ.* No doubt, Pilgrimage to this *Holiest Land* on Earth is the *Journey of a Lifetime.* May ALLAH accept it from us- as acts of *WORSHIP, OBEDIENCE, SUBMISSION, SUBSERVIENCE, VENERATION AND OBEISANCE to HIS MAJESTY.* _Aaaaaaamiyn._

To all my Brothers & Sisters in Nigeria, our Fans in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, China, Canada, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, Malaysia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Etc, I say *Jazaakum-llahu-Khyran* for your Continued Support to us, _morally, materially and financially._ I remembered you much in my Prayers at every *Holy Place* in Makkah and Madinah. We can not reward you, but, we pray *ALLAH* does that for us.

I also, _as a Matter of Priority,_ remembered all *Members of ACADIP SUPPORT GROUP* in my fervent Prayers at the *Kabba* and on *Arafat Day.* No doubt, you are *INVESTING INTO YOUR HEREAFTER* as you are voluntarily giving what you have unto Allah *via* ACADIP on *Monthly Basis.* May you never relent in this Divine Endeavours. _Aamiyn._

And finally, to all *ACADIP* Members Worldwide, as ACADIP is set to “storm”…
*(1) Alimosho-Lagos (Nov.3rd & 4th, 2017)*

*(2) Ibadan (Nov.10th & 11th, 2017)*

*(3) Modakeke (Nov.17th & 18th, 2017)*

*(4) Ore (Nov.24th & 25th 2017)*

*(5) Akure (Dec.1st & 2nd 2017)* and

*(6) Ogbomoso (Dec.8th & 9th 2017)*

May *ALLAH* endow us with more knowledge, more enthusiasm, more vigour, more wealth and good health so as to _*keep on keeping on*_ in our *mission of uncovering “their” cover-ups !!!*

No Islam, No Paradise *!*
Know Islam, Know Paradise *!!*

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته



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