In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, The Merciful.


Welcome to the update of the Lecture of  Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) lecture held at M.K.O Abiola Democracy Park, Behind Akure Central Mosque, Akure, Ondo State on 1st December 2017.





Before going to unfold tonight, let us quickly remind you all that the last time ACADIP stormed Akure for a Public Comparative Lecture, it was a show of success which saw our Sister Hikmat {Former Deborah Peace}, a daughter of one of the senior Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor dumped Christianity for Islam.

She wasn’t only the one though, but she was the star of the night as she was shocked to discover that Christianity is nothing but a “Man-made” religion.

And that Jesus knows noting about Christianity.

She also don’t know anything about a Book tagged ” Holy bible ” as he never uses one in his days.

Tonight, Biiznillah promises to be another fantastic outing and will be so revealing.

Ma Shaa Allah, we are all set for tonight’s lecture.

Welcome along….




09:46pm : The Program kicks off with a beautiful Lecture from the Grand Chief Imam of ACADIP, Ustaz AbdulWaheed Adeoye (IWOSAN IRORUN), where he discussed about Prophetic Medicines.

You can watch the lecture by Sheikh Iwosan Irorun below;



11:05pm : Followed by it is the Opening Prayer by Fadhilat Sheikh Ariyo


11:16pm : Immediately after the Opening Prayer, The recitation of the Quran is the next event by Fadhilat Sheikh Owo


11:28pm : Next on the Podium right now is the Chief Imam of Akure land, Sheikh AbdulHakeem Yahyi Akorede


12:13am : Al-Hamdu Lillah, The Chief Imam of Akure just left the podium after delivering his welcome note. Ma shaa Allah.





12:15am : NOW. . . . ! ! !

The Da’wah Ambassador of Nigeria (DAN), Chief Lecturer, Scholar of the Christians’ Bible,  USTAZ YUSUF ADEPOJU comes up to the podium.


12:35am : Indeed, whoever Allah wills, He destined paradise for such person and make you Muslim.

Many would remember our former dear Sister Caroline who turns Sister Khadijat in one of our lectures held in Owo Kingdom, Ondo State, Nigeria

The video is tagged “Iforowero Lori Igbala”.

She just came up on stage and shared brief remarks on The beauty of Islam and how Allah has transformed her life positively after dumping Christianity.

She was at the last الحج أشهر معلومات The Hajj Pilgrimage .

Allahu Akbar


It’s testimony galore here!!!

Allahu Akbar


12:50am : Former Mrs Franciscar from Port Harcourt now Khadijah


12:57am : A quick look at our side here, though six feet count far, We can see Five {5} Christians seated.

All set for this epic moment. When it is Questions and Answers time, we shall honourably welcome them.


01:07am : Well, it’s time to introduce officially some former Pastors and Deacons who dumped Christianity for Islam and even went on to convert their Churches to Mosques.


01:40am : Former Pastor Michael now AbdulRahman displaying Psalm 44:23;

Psalm 44:23 Awake, why sleepest thou, O Lord? arise, cast [us] not off for ever.

Subuhan’Allah! How on Earth will God sleep? May we never be astray… Amen.



02:15am : Done and Dusted with testimonies from our esteemed and dear former Pastors and Deacons.

The reason for this, is to show those who are still lost in darkness the reason to dump Christianity for Islam.

Microphone finds Ustaz Adepoju Yusuf now as he is set to deliver more lecture for few minutes before we move on to Questions and Answers section as we once again welcome our dear Christians Biological Brethren.




And the first questioner is Brother Toriola from Modakeke, Osun State. He really wants to know whether Jesus was really Crucified. Let the Bible speak!



03:00am : Allahu Akbar!

Glad to announce that our Brother, Toriola who came up on stage to ask about the death of Jesus has just embraced Islam after he was made to realize that crucifixion is a hoax!!

Not that alone, Ustaz Adepoju Yusuf further announced that if there is anyone else ready to embrace Islam, they should come up on stage.

Now we have over 17 Christians set to take the Shahadah!



03:10am : Now we have a “Nigerian ??
Igbo-Jew” who practices Judaism on
stage. He goes by the name Christian Chukwudi from Anambra State.


03:37am : Mr. Jewish Man paved way now for the next questioner, Julius by name. He wants to know the relationship between jinn and “Holy Spirit” But he spoiled the question though as he presumed “Holy Spirit” to be synonymous to Jinn.


Hmmm.. So we have different class and kind of Christians. The Brother that just stepped down now agreed that “God
of the Bible” can be foolish and Weak!
Now we have another questioner on stage. She said “why are you condemning Christianity, because my Bible says thou shall not judge” And the Muslims don’t believe in death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, why?”

03:55am : Sister Faith from Cherubim and Seraphim Church


04:25am : Sister Faith had a fantastic time asking some reasonable questions!
She got overwhelming and reasonable answers from Ustaz Adepoju Yusuf. She is so convinced of Islam and by Allah she took a break off the stage and promised to come back to Embrace Islam.


Allah Akbar!

Allah Akbar!!

Allah Akbar!!!


Time Check : 5:13am. It has been an interesting outing here as we can authoritatively tell you that we have over 23 Christians that just took the Shahadah


05:19am : We still have another questioner, She goes by the name Sister Deborah.

Alhamdulilahi! And by Allah’s will, Sister Deborah turns Ruqoyah



05:28am : Just one more questioner and we call it a rap on Day One for Akure for Islam, Phase 8. Join us later tonight
for Day Two and final outing.

He goes by the name Brother James from Ekiti State.


05:39am : Just after Bro James, Another Brother and some Sisters came up on Stage amd behind the Stage to Embrace Islam.


Wa ra-aitan naasa yadkhuloona fee deenil laahi afwajah


05:44am : Well, The total number of the Christians who just dumped Christianity for Islam here is 30!!!

Allahu Akbar! ! !



05:53am : Alhamdulilahi, That marks the end of the day one lecture here at M.K.O Abiola Democracy Park, Behind Akure Central Mosque, Akure, Ondo State on 1st December 2017.





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