In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, The Merciful.


Welcome to the update of the Lecture of  Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) lecture held at M.K.O Abiola Democracy Park, Behind Akure Central Mosque, Akure, Ondo State on 2nd December 2017.




09:51 pm : Mallam AbdulFatai Oluyemi Johnson welcoming everybody to the Auspicious occasion.


10:00pm : Mallam AbdulHakeem Olayide Tajudeen on stage for the next event and Preamble Lecture.


11:06pm : AICOS Vice Chairman, Mallam AbdulAzeez AbdulRazaq Java on stage to tell us more about AICOS.


11:29pm : Alhaji Modupe Ola, The Chief Imam of Ansarudeen Society of Nigeria, Akure with the Opening Prayer.


11:35pm : Short Welcoming Note from Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma

Well, yesterday was superb. Superb in what term someone is asking.

Well, it was day one {1} of our open air comparative lecture staged at the M K O Democracy Park, Akure.

As at when filling this report, 30 Christians Embraced ISLAM after the lecture and we are greatful indeed.

We hope and pray Allah {SWT} make tonight’s lecture more successful like never before.

Now, I know surely, many are worried.

Worried at the high level of success and progress being recorded and still been recorded by Acadip.

Reason is simple. It’s hard to get to the top. When you get to the apex level of anything you are into, you always strive to remain consistent and never fall.

Though, Allah knows the hidden and we trust only in Him.

Everyone had always and will continue to pray that Allah use them for His work {Every positive things}.

Some also do strive towards the way {s} of destruction!

I have received series of messages, some Phone Calls; people asking me that how are you people {Acadip} coping with the follow up of these new reverts/converts to Islam.

Well, dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Jihad in general is not limited to Dawah.

Everyone cannot be going about preaching from one place to another.

Putting our mind at peace and lazing around a crackling campfire; all with sincere and pure intentions.

Let me also take this medium to quickly correct our notions.

Notions that because you simply watch us on screen or read us online exposing the falsehood of the disbelievers don’t mean we are all millionaires or rich or class or people different from you somewhere out of space.

We are simply human and ordinary Slaves of Allah like you.

For the new Reverts to Islam, deep within, have a thought of something to which you aspire.

The dawning of a new idea, you feel the spark of a little fire,
Growing bigger day by day – until it’s a fully-fledged desire.

Stoke the coals within and let the flames engulf you like wildfire.

Keep on stoking and never allow the zeal that leads you to Islam and the desire to succeed when you are alone in the grave expire.

Seek what you need from your Lord-Allah alone and don’t be shy to ask for help or to inquire knowledge from the Muslim Ummah whom you keep their companies.

Remember, lack of information and knowledge can force your pursuit to succeed and could make you misfire.

On that wonderful note I welcome you all to day two {2} of our comparative public lecture here at the M K O Democracy Park.

Tonight’s promised to be more synchronizing, In Shaa Allah.

If you are my friend and a Christians in Akure, you can join us.

Now, let the Devil weep as Allah save His own.

Welcome along….


11:40pm : Opening Remark by The Chief Imam of Akure Land, Sheikh AbdulHakeem Yahyi Akorede


11:45pm : We welcome The Chief Lecturer of Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP Nigeria), Mallam Yusuf Adepoju.


11:50pm : We also welcome our Former Pastors, Evangelists and Deacons which Allah has guided to Islam.





11:58pm : Now we have former Pastor Wilson from Benué (state) live on stage exposing the lies behind trinity!

He simply asked, “When an angel came to Mary and say to her she will conceive and give birth to a son”

Was it the same Jesus who the Christians believe is “God” today that sent the angel to his supposedly creature “Mother” or who?

So confusing….



12:13am : Former Pastor Monday now Mallam Abdulazeez


12:18am : Former Prophetess Mary Oparanti now Maruphart


12:22am : Former Anglican Priest now Mallam Issa Al Ameen


12:33am : Former Pastor Stephen Ademola Oguntunde now Mallam AbdulKareem


12:37am : Former Pastor Samuel Ajibade Badejo now Mallam Salahudeen


12:42am : Former Pastor Michael Omojoh now Mallam AbdulRahman


12:47am : Now, lest I forget, we have 18 Christians right on seat. Eagerly waiting for Questions and Answers section. May
Allah guide them.


12:52am : Oh, you want to know how these Pastors go about fooling and tricking and scamming people in the
name of miracle?? Kindly Watch it here and see how they deceitfully “Heal the blind”. – (Exposed by Former Pastor Omojoh)



01:04am : Former Pastor Sunday Awosina now Mallam Nurudeen is the next on the Podium


01:12 am : Former Pastor Adekunle now Mallam Abu Bakr


01:42am : Al-Hamdu Lillah. After the testimonies given by former pastors, we welcome the Chief  Lecturer of ACADIP Nigeria to the podium.



01:56am :  So Ustaz Adepoju Yusuf gave more rooms for testimonies as we have some Ex-Christians who Embraced ISLAM to give testimonies.

Former Adewunmi Oluwaseun who turns Aisha leads the way.

Former Deborah Peace who turns Hikmat is also present.

Remember we told you yesterday that she was one of those who Embraced ISLAM here in 2013.
Keep Follow the exciting moments!




02:31am : Ma Shaa Allah, we welcome our dear Christians to Question and Answers section. This is shortly after testimonies from some of our Ex-Christians who Embraced ISLAM led by Sister Hikmat who was formerly Deborah Peace.






02:35 am : So we have Mr. Sunday right on seat. He is the first questioner. He is of the Christ Apostolic Church and hails from Akure . He was here yesterday according to him and keenly saw listened to all that happened. Now, he wants to know the true way among all the “religions in the world”.


During the Question and Answer session, Mallam Yusuf Adepoju analyze Nehemiah 8:4-6. See the Practical aspect below;




02:55am :  Now we another questioner here. But wait!!! He is Pastor Omoniyi Kolawole. He is speaking in Chinese language tagged speaking in tongues.


03:07am : We have Mrs. Oluwole Oluwatoyin on stage. She is of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries

Her questions is that She wants to know the reason for this gathering.?
And by Allah, Ustaz Adepoju Yusuf explains..


03:53am : Well, we are still attending to our Sister, Oluwatoyin. Her questions were quite reasonable though and
she got perfect answers. She actually promised to embrace Islam if her questions can be answered by Ustaz Adepoju Yusuf satisfactorily.
Now her questions ranges from crucifixion tobwhether or not the Bible is distorted etc.

Alhamdulilah she is convinced of Islam and ready to take the Shahadah.
Allahu Akbar!


03:58am : However, just immediately after Sister Oluwatoyin renounced Christianity for Islam, Ustaz Adepoju Yusuf further announced that if there is anyone else ready to Embrace Islam; such people should come out.

Now, Christians are trooping out!

Allahu Akbar!

Allahu Akbar!!

Allahu Akbar!!!


04:30am : Brothers & Sisters in Islam. We can authoritatively tell you that the number of Christians set to Embrace Islam are 42 and still counting.


05:25am : And by Allah’s will, A total number of 50 Christians and still counting just embraced Islam.


05:30am Next Questioner on Stage


05:39am : We have more questioners trooping in.



05:54am : Now, the disbelievers are weeping seriously! Indeed, the Church is going empty!

Alhamdulilah, we came to Akure & it
was a Blessing. 87 Christians embraced Islam after the 2-day lecture. Catch you guys at Ogbomosho.




……Alhamdulilahi, That marks the end of our Two days Public lecture here at M.K.O Abiola Democracy Park,
Behind Akure Central Mosque, Akure, Ondo State.






Sync and corrected by Johnson Abdulazeez Ayomide and co worked on with Eneye Ahmad Jamiu Emma.



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