Delta state pastor matches single members of his congregation came across the video of a Nigerian pastor who tried a rather ‘unique’ approach to get the singles in his church married.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the general overseer of the Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry in Warri, Delta state, has set tongues wagging after he turned matchmaker during a recent church service.

In a video which surfaced online, the prophet had called out a young lady who when asked if she was married, said ‘no’. Prophet Fufeyin had gone ahead to ask her to walk round the church in search of any man who she feels she’d love to marry eventually.


After a thorough search, the young lady who didn’t find her ‘missing rib’ returned to the pastor, who then revealed to her that she was under a spell which has been preventing her from getting married.

According to him, her face was covered with a ‘mask’ which has been causing men not to notice her apart from when they want to just ‘chop her and go’.



Prophet Fufeyin said the young lady (in blue) was wearing a spiritual mask which prevented her from getting married. Photo: YouTube



The pastor then asked if there were any men in the congregation who’d love to have her as a wife, and about 8 men ran out in response.

It became a rather interesting moment when she turned down all the men after she was asked if she would like to marry any of them. It was at this point the pastor told her about the ‘spell she was under’.






The pastor called for men who’d love to marry the lady, and about 8 men stepped out. Photo: YouTube



Prophet Fufeyin then turned things around by asking if there were any single ladies who’d like to be married to the men standing in front of the entire church. Several women ran out to ‘choose their husbands’.


While some had just one woman standing behind them, others had


The pastor then asked the men to take the next couple of weeks to ‘screen’ the women and determine which one they’ll settle for, adding that he’ll sponsor their wedding.


The women were excited as they stood behind their prospective husbands. Photo: YouTube


The pastor promised to sponsor the wedding. Photo: YouTube



Watch the video here



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