Canvassing For The Purchase of 10,000 Plastic Chairs. (A Humble Appeal to the Muslims)

“And whatever you spend in charity or devotion, be sure Allah knows it all…” (Qur’an,2:270)

Since 1995, Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) has been actively involved in calling Non-Muslims to the way of ALLAH with wisdom and logical reasons. Alhamdulillah, our Efforts are being crowned with several thousands of Reverts into the fold of Al-Islam.

However, by Allah’s Grace, and, with the ardent support of some highly spirited Muslims around the Globe, we have been able to achieve so many physical Successes. An 18-Seater Toyota Hiace Bus was procured in October 2015 with several millions of Naira, thus, alleviating our transportation logistics.

Ten months after the procurement of this Da’wah Bus, a Fund Raising Drive for the purchase of “State of the Art” Da’wah Equipment, was set in motion, and by ALLAH’s mercy, in less than Six months, we possessed sets of Da’wah Instruments (Public Address & Illumination Systems, Heavy-Duty Generators, Stage, Projector, etc) worth of over Fourteen Million Naira. It was a Roaring Success for us. Alhamdulilah.

In 2017, we took another bold step towards confronting the challenges of transporting these newly procured Equipment into different places of our Lectures. Glory be to Allah, with individual and collective efforts of Spirited Muslims like your humble self, we achieved the Goal. A 30-Feet Long DAF Truck was purchased with several millions of Naira. Alhamdulillah.

Immediately after the procurement of this Da’wah Truck, a Silent Fund Raising Scheme began with a view to procuring a Security Van for the Organisation. With the assistance of ACADIP Supporters, worldwide, the Dream became a Reality. It was a feat indeed. In less than three months, a Toyota Hilux Jeep was purchased with several millions of Naira. Thus, easing our security logistics. Alhamdulillah.

Finally, my recent 40-Day Da’wah tour to Britain, Germany & France was not only crowned with spiritual success, but with physical ones also, as I was able to return home with some Da’wah Instruments (Teleprompter, Digital Audio Recorder & Sony PXW-X 180 Video Camera). These achievements were made possible with the support of ACADIP Support Group UK, Jam’iyatul-Khairat UK, Association Musulmane Rahmat Du Paris, Nigerian Muslim Association of Birmingham (NIMAB) & some individual Muslims.

Praise Be Unto Allah! As this Ramadan is journeying to an end, we took another Pragmatic Decision by venturing into procuring 10,000 Plastic Chairs for our Public Lectures. For over 23 years of our Public preachings, we relied solely on rented Chairs. What a heavy financial burden !! We are now humbly soliciting from your humble self, financial assistance for the procurement of these Chairs. No amount is too small !!!

THE COST OF A GOOD ARMLESS PLASTIC CHAIR is #2,500 or £6 or €7or $8. May ALLAH amply reward you in this World and the Hereafter. Aamiyn.

Our Bank Account is:
First Bank
ACADIP Nigeria

For more information,
kindly contact,
+2348062135408, & +2348099900480.
Once again, Jazaaka lahu khyran.

Yours in Islamic Service,

(Chief Lecturer, ACADIP Nigeria)
WhatsApp: +2348033788439
YouTube: Acadip International

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