PROGRESS REPORT (A Chair for Allah’s Sake)

PROGRESS REPORT (A Chair for Allah’s Sake)

Alhamdulillah! We are happy to inform you, that, ACADIP Nigeria has just taken the First Delivery of a set of 500 Plastic Chairs at the cost of (N1,250,000).

By Allah’s Grace, this Fund Raising Drive for the procurement of 10,000 Plastic Chairs for ACADIP Public Lectures is yielding Positive Result as about N1,200,000 was realised in less than one week. Allahu Akbar !! May Allah amply reward all the Donors to this Project. Aamiyn.

Dearly Beloved in Islam, with the Spirit of this Ramadan, LET US INVEST in our Hereafter by donating at least, One Plastic Chair to this Cause of Allah. It is our belief, _in-shaa-Allah_ to take the Second Delivery of another set of 500 pieces before the end of this June.

The Cost of One Chair is #2,500 or £6 or €7 or $8. Our Bank Account Details is:

First Bank
ACADIP Nigeria

May Allah reward you in this World and in the Hereafter. Aamiyn.

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