(Supposed Rift between Adegunwa & Adepoju)

As-Salaam ‘Alykum Warahmatullah Wabaraakatuh…

The Academy of Islamic propagation (ACADIP) was founded on Da’wah, specifically on Comparative Religion. Therefore, the organisation does and should not have anything to do with tantrums, vituperation and misplaced exuberance.

This message is to warn anyone who is a member of ACADIP NIGERIA not to engage in all forms of attacks and insults from verbal to textual with the followers of Jamiu Adegunwa.
Doing this will create a negative impression and the narrative would be, Adegunwa’s versus Adepoju’s boys.

It is very important that we heed to this ⚠WARNING and engage in what would benefit us in this World and the Hereafter. However, failure to comply might lead to the organisation disassociating herself from the culprit.


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